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about us

What we do

 “We are ELTantawy for construction, Market leaders in designing, planning,
engineering, building, project and facilities managing, consulting and more”

ELTantawy group is a leading in the construction business with operations for over than 30 years of experience.  We have the expertise and resources to address every stage of the urban development construction from financing, to planning and design to construction, maintenance and support.
El Tantawy for construction is a leader in concessions and construction in Egypt. We design, build, finance and manage facilities that improve everyday needs, from public and private buildings to urban developments that create and improve our communities.
ElTantawy for construction is a private sector company that contributes to the development of the society. We successfully blend our business focus on today’s priorities with the long-term sustainability of its accomplishments and our construction business model.

Our objective is overall performance

Our ambition is to create value for our customers and for the society as a whole. We measure success over time and performance rather than focusing only on financial results. We aim to accomplish projects that meet the needs of our end users and the vaster community.
Our Values are: trust, respect and solidarity, and the primacy of people over systems.

Our capabilities

The way we have structured our business corresponds broadly to the four principle stages in the construction lifecycle. Each of our four business areas is strong in its own right; we can also bring them together in any combination to address the needs of our customers The way we have structured our business corresponds broadly to the four principal stages in the infrastructure lifecycle.
Our impact

Is in iconic structures and bold engineering feats, hidden innovation and buried pipes and pumps, and all the joined-up thinking, financing and partnerships that make up to what we are today.


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