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Shakshouk wastewater project in El Fayoum
Project name : Shakshouk wastewater project in El Fayoum
Work nature  : -gravity networks -pump station -pressure pipeline
Owner            : The general economical organization for potable water and sanitary drainage
Consultants   : Dr./ Ahmed Abd Elwares consulting engineers
Project Overview
Project Completion Actual Value Design Consultant Supervision Financing Source  Owner Project Name NO.
Submitted 4'606'532.00 DR Ahmed Adb Elwares consulting Engineers URBAN Studies and design center Dr/Ahmed Fadel General Economical Organization for  potable water and wastewater in El Fayoum General Economical Organization for  potable water and wastewater in El Fayoum Shakshoukwastewater project 5
·Project Description :
 The project aim is the execution of the following :
1-      a gravity sewer network of length 7 km , made of clay pipes of diameter 175 , 225 , 400 mm.
2-      A main rising pipeline of ductile cast iron pipes of length 3km and diameter 300mm.
3-      A pump station with a circular sump of internal diameter 10 m divided into 2 parts a wet well to  collect sewage water and a dry well with 3 pumps of discharge 50     L/Sec each.

Project components :
           §Civil works :
1-      Excavation & refilling for the gravity sewer network & pump station.
2-      Plain & reinforced concrete works.
3-      Finishing works.
           §Mechanical works :
Supply , erection of screens , vertical pumps of discharge 30 L/S and manometric head 14.5 m , pipes , valves & gates.
           §Electrical works & a variety of equipment:
 Supply , erection & delivery in good condition of the following :                  
-          low voltage panel.
-          Main medium voltage distribution system.
-          Transformer 100 K.V.A , voltage 11/380 - 0.220 Kv.
-          Medium - low voltage cables.
-          Earthing system.
-          Control devices , flow & level meters , generator capacity 50 k.W 220-380 volt.
-          Manually operated overhead crane of 5 ton capacity for the pump room and another one 2 ton capacity for the generator room.
-          Dewatering pump with discharge 5 L/S and manometric head 10 m & lighting panel and poles of height 3 m.

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