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Dar El Salam wastewater project in El Fayoum
Project name : Dar El Salam wastewater project in El Fayoum
Work nature  : -gravity network -pressure pipeline -pump station
Owner            : The general economical organization for potable water and sanitary drainage
Consultants   : Misr consulting engineers
Project Completion Actual Value Design Consultant Supervision Financing Source  Owner Project Name NO.
submitted 72'343'336.0 Misr Consulting Engineers Misr Consulting Engineers General Economical Organization for  potable water and wastewater in Elfayoum General Economical Organization for  potable water and wastewater -Elfayoum Dar - El SalamWastewater project in El Fayoum 8
Project Description :
The project aim is to construct the following :
1- Pump stations :

                   Main pump station:              Consisting of 5.5m diameter circular sump having 3 submerged vertical pumps with
                                                                flow rate of 20 L/S each , operating and valves rooms and administrative buildings.
                   Secondary pump station:    Consisting of 4m diameter circular sump having 3 submerged vertical pumps of
                                                                flow rate 18 L/S each , operation and valves rooms & administrative buildings.
2-gravity sewer network:

Of length 18 km , clay pipes of diameter ( 175-500mm)

3-rising pipeline :

Secondary rising pipeline of length 1300m , diameter 280mm & it delivers wastewater
                                                            from secondary pump station to the highest  network manhole which delivers wastewater
                                                            to the main pump station.
                                                            Main rising pipeline of length 7 km & diameter 400 mm.
                                                            A syphon was executed under Cairo - ElFayoum high way and a culvert under the water stream
                                                            of the ( Elwaty Sea).
Project components :
           §A- Gravity pipelines works :
1-      Supply, erection and test of clayey pipes with flexible joints including excavation & fill works.
2-      Execution of circular  , squared and with weirs manholes , and houses pipelines connections.
3-      Excavation, fill, concrete & finishings works for the inlet chambers.
           §B- Rising pipelines works :
1-      Supply , erection and test of U.P.V.C pipes , operating pressure 10 atm.
2-      Excavation , fill & concrete works for valves rooms and for flow meter room as well as for stairs,  coverings , paintings & isolation works.
3-      Supply , erection & painting of screw iron galvanized piles of diameter 10" .
4-      Supply , erection & test of the syphon works for the passage of the main rising pipe line under  Cairo - Elfayoum high way
           §C- Ordinary works for the pump stations ( main - secondary) :
1-      Excavation and fill for the sump , fence , buildings & internal roads.
2-      Reinforced concrete works for foundations , walls & roofs.
3-      Plain concrete works for the slopes.
4-      Paintings , isolation & masonry works for the sump washing.
5-      Lighting, phones & sanitary works.
           §D- Mechanical and electrical works for the pumping stations :
Supply , erection , test , operation , guarantee & maintenance for one year to the following :

1-      A submersible sewage pumping station of discharge 35 L/S and manometric head 18 m  for the secondary pump station .
2-      Pressure pipelines with its accessories.
3-      Protection valve against water hammering.
4-      Flow meter.
5-      Electric cables & distribution switch board.
6-      Monorail cranes of capacity 1 , 1.5 , 2  ton.
7-      Screens at the inlet chamber.
8-      Fire alarm & fire fighting system.
9-     Standby power generating set power 50 KVA in the secondary station and 100 KVA in the main station.
10-   Gates for pipe diameter 400 mm in the secondary pump station and for pipe diameter 500 mm in the main pump station in the  inlet chamber.
11-   Cables & accessories.

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