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Sewage treatment plant of El Asafra in El Sharkia
Project name : Sewage treatment plant of El Asafra in El Sharkia
Work nature  : Construction of the plant units
Owner            : The general economical organization for potable water and sanitary drainage
Consultants   : Ministry for scientific research Dr./Ahmed Fadel
Project Overview
Project  Completion Actual Value Design Consultant Supervision Financing Source


Project Name NO.
Submitted 4'132'712.00 Ministry for Scientific research Dr./Ahmed Fadel The consulting bureau for civil and environmental engineering The organization of reconstruction and development of the Egyptian village ORDEV The general economical organization for drinking water and sanitary drainage in El Sharkia Sewage treatment plant of El Asafra 10
 Project Description:
The project aim is the construction of a sewage treatment plant of capacity 1800 m3/day that includes the following:
-          Inlet chamber and screens.
-          Grit chamber.
-          Extends aerators.
-          Sedimentation tanks.
-          Contact tanks.
-          Sludge tanks.
-          Administrational buildings.
Project components:
           §Civil works:
1-      Soil studies (bore hole logs), surveying works.
2-       Earth, concrete (plain, reinforced), brick, insulation & finishing works to the plant different parts.
3-       Sewage and sanitary works & service roads between units.
           §Mechanical works:
            Supply, erection of the following:
1-      Manual screens.
2-       Grit removal tank.
3-       Buffles & weirs.
4-       Chlorine solution tank.
5-       Chlorine solution dosing pump C/W valves, flow meters, pipes, fittings and accessories.
6-       Gates.
7-       Submersible main sewage lift pumps, capacity 170 m3/h , head 12 m C\W accessories.
8-       Treated water pumps capacity 170 m3/h, head 30m C/W accessories.
9-       Sand dewatering pump 10 m3/h & 6 m & portable electrical driven dewatering pump capacity 36m3/h & 15 m.
10-   Air blower C/W accessories, interconnecting pipes and fittings.
11-   Fire fighting equipment & spare parts.
           §Electrical works:
            Supply & erection of the following:

1-      Low voltage switch gear.
2-       Low voltage power cables.
3-       Control & instrumentation.
4-       Lighting systems.

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