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Helwan wastewater treatment plant
Project name : Helwan wastewater treatment plant
Work nature  : Improving the plant efficiency
Owner            : Cairo general organization for sanitary drainage
Consultants   : G.K.W consult
Project Overview
Project  Completion Actual Value Design Consultant Supervision Financing Source  Owner Project Name NO.
Submitted 2'654'940.00 G.K.W consult G.K.W consult European union delegation of the European commission Cairogeneral organization for sanitary drainage Helwanwastewater treatment plant 11
 Project Description :
The project aim is to improve and increase the efficiency of Helwan wastewater treatment plant and its units , the inlet chamber,
 Screens , grit chamber , primary sedimentation tanks (circular) , aeration tanks , finally sedimentation tanks , chlore mixing tanks,
 Pumps buildings , chlorination buildings , thickener , drying beds.
 Project Components:
1-      Primary tank valve chamber modification & supply & erection of telescopic valves.
2-      Supply & erection of scum collecting boxes (primary tank).
3-      Supply & erection of scum board thickener, scum collecting box & scum collecting blade.
4-      Supply & erection of the automatic disludging system from the thickener by using sludge concentration meter , electric valves & PLC.
5-      Execution of guide wheels sets.
6-      Maintenance works for mechanical and electrical sections and for air distribution system in grit chamber.
7-      Supply and erection of weir cleaning units (primary and final tanks).
8-      Execution of concrete joints improvement sedimentation tank.
9-      Execution of synchronization motor drives final sedimentation by using PLC .
10-  Supply & erection of tyres for travelling bridge (primary and final tank)
11-  Rehabilitation of the chlorination plant.
12-  Modification of laboratory section.
13-  Execution of a drinking water underground reservoir.
14-  Execution of pipelines inside the plant.
15-  Supply & erection of measurement devices (level, flow, D.O).
16Maintenance of electric panels.  

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