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Fuel Additives
Acmatic is a global fuel additives supplier with offices in the US and UK. Our experience, technical expertise & extensive product portfolio enables us to provide the best possible solutions for our customers, making Acmatica key supplier for many businesses.
Acmatic specializes in the sales and marketing of refinery chemicals, fuel additives and dyes & markers. Acmatic also provides a full range of widely approved products including US and EU compliant fire fighting foams and spill response equipment. Our products are used by international oil groups, fuel storage and supply terminals, fuel blenders and other businesses worldwide.
We pride ourselves on being able to provide a service of the highest standards and are committed to delivering value to our customers.  As you would expect from such a progressive company, Acmatic has comprehensive Product and Pollution Liability Insurance in place.  Acmatic is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 registered company.

·         Refinery, Terminal & Pipeline
o    Antioxidants
o    ASA (Antistatic Additives)
o    Biocides
o    Cetane Improvers
o    CFPP (Cold Filter Plugging Point)
o    Cold Flow Improvers
o    Corrosion Inhibitors
o    Dehazers
o    Demulsifiers
o    Dispersants
o    Hydrogen Sulphide Scavengers
o    Lubricity Additives
o    Mercaptan Scavengers
o    Metal Deactivators
o    PPD (Pour Point Depressants)
o    Tank Cleaners
o    WASA (Wax Anti-Settling Agent)
·         Biofuel Additives
o    Antioxidants
o    Biocides
o    Cold Flow Improvers / CFPP Additives
o    Corrosion Inhibitors
·         Performance Additives
o    Diesel Packages
o    Gasoline Packages
o    Heating Oil Additives

Improve flow ability of crude oil and heavy fuel oil

A common problem with crude oil (petroleum) and fuel oil is their decreasing fluidity at lower temperatures which makes transportation and storage an expensive matter because heating is usually required.
Additive solution for Crude or Fuel Oil flow problems is the HFA Pourpoint depressant. This additive makes it possible to transport and store crude and fuel oil well below their pourpoint, resulting in less heating costs.

Additives against corrosion of refinery parts, equipment and pipelines

Crude oil contains emulsions, saline water in oil, which leads to corrosion in the refining process WRTBV offers a demulsified that quickly breaks down the emulsions in the crude oil.
Also dissolved gasses like Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) can cause huge corrosion problems causing high maintenance costs and affecting product quality. We supply a tailor made additive to scavenge hydrogen sulfide from crude oil, fuel oil, naphtha and gasoline.

Additives for diesel and gas oil treatment

  • To extend fuel storage life and protect fuel systems increasing resistance to oxidation we supply an anti-oxidant additive.
  • Increase fuel economy; Optimize lubricity of diesel fuels to reduce friction by incorporating a lubricity additive.
  • Reduce emissions and engine noise; improve combustion and power with our additive to improve the cetane number.
  • Optimize or maintain the cold flow properties of diesel fuels with the Cold Flow Plugging Point (CFPP) improver.
  • During high volume transport of a fuel electrostatic charge could build up which results in the risk of fire or explosion. We have developed an additive to improve the conductivity of fuel which lowers these hazards.
  • Additives to color and mark diesel and fuel oil.
Prevent the fouling of pipelines or storage tanks due to bacteria using a biocide additive for diesel or fuel oil.

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