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Water treatment plant of Ard Sultan (Elkeblya)
Project name : Water treatment plant of Ard Sultan (Elkeblya)
Work nature  : Improving the plant efficiency from 100-400 L/S
Owner            : Menia Governorate
Consultants   : Urban studies and design center Dr./ Ahmed Fadel
Project Overview
Project Completion Actual Value Design Consultant Supervision Financing Source  Owner Project Name NO.
Submitted 5'612'320.00 URBAN studies and design center Dr./Ahmed Fadel URBAN studies and design center Dr./Ahmed Fadel General economical  organization for potable water and wastewater ,Elmenia ElMenia governerate Improving and increasing the efficiency of water treatment plant of Ard-Sultan (Elkeblya)
From 100 to 400 L/S
      ·             Project Description:
The project aim is to improve and increase the efficiency of the water treatment plant in ElMenia city from 100 L/S to 400 L/S , the project
involves the underground reservoir , clarifier tanks , filtration chamber , water filtrated pumps room and sludge pumping station.
     ·            Project components:
           §Civil works:             
                                     The boreholes, survey works, excavation & refilling works are performed as well as the concreting, paintings,
                                      isolation, masonry and finishings.
           §Mechanical works:
1-      Supply & erection of 4 horizontal treated water pumps.
2-      Supply & erection of 2 horizontal back wash pumps.
3-      Supply & erection of 2 air blowers.
4-      Supply & erection of the slow mixer for the sedimentation tanks.
5-      Supply & erection of overhead cranes.
6-      Supply & erection of under drainage system for filters , valves & pipes and system for air distribution.
7-      Supply & erection of chlorination equipment.
8-      Supply & erection of pumps for alum solution injection.
9-      Supply & erection of standby power generating set.
10-  Supply & erection of gates and level indicator for the underground reservoir.
11-  Supply & erection of interconnecting pipes.
12-      Supply & erection of measurement devices for (flow, Head & Level).
           §Electrical works:
     Supply & erection of all the electrical parts needed as:
1-      Low voltage panel.
2-      Power and control cables.
3-      Earthling system.
4-      Lighting works.
5-      Secondary control & operation panels.

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