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Water treatment plants ( Elkeblya , Baharia ) in El Menia city project.
Project name : Water treatment plants ( Elkeblya , Baharia ) in El Menia city project.
Work nature  : Improving the plant efficiency
Owner            : El menia governorate
Consultants   : Urban studies and design center Dr./ Ahmed Fadel
Project Overview
project Completion Actual Value Design Consultant Supervision Financing Source  Owner Project Name NO.
Submitted 2'604'124.00 URBAN Studies and design center Dr./Ahmed Fadel Housing and utilities organization in El Menia Housing and utilities organization in El Menia El Menia Governerate The project of Improving and increasing the efficiency of water treatment plants (Elkeblya,Baharia) in El Menia City 2
     ·            Project Description:
The project aim is the Construction and installation of instruments of chlorine and alum building , the Restoration work and
improvement of filtering tanks and replacing filtering media, the Restoration works for sedimentation tanks and the Restoration
works for ground tank and pumps chambers.
     ·            Project components :
A- El Baharia water treatment plant :
           §Civil works :
1-      Excavation , refilling & concreting for chlore & alum buildings.
2-      Restoration of the underground reservoir , pumps room , filters & filtration & sedimentation tanks.
3-      Masonry , paintings works & finishings for the new alum store.
           §Mechanical works :
1-  supply & erection of filter control disk.
2-  Supply , erection & operation of sampling counter for filters.
3-  Replacement of all old valves by new ones.
           §Electrical works :
Supply and erection of a lighting unit & poles.
B- El Keblya water treatment plant :
           §Civil works :
1-      Destruction of plain & reinforced concrete of the plant buildings.
2-      Excavation, refilling, concrete, masonry, isolation & bitumen coating works for chlore & alum buildings.
           §Mechanical works :
1-      Supply , erection , test & operation of closure gate on the Nile intake & of screens.
2-      Supply , erection of shaker covers.
3-      Increase of intake pumps room floor level of dimensions ( 2.00 * 4.35 )
4-      Supply , erection , test & operation of an electric pumping set of discharge 180 L/S and manometric head 20m from Nile.
5-      Untie , reinstall & supply of standby parts for pumping set of discharge 80 L/Sec & 120 L/S at manometric head 20m.
6-      Supply , erection & test of a priming system.
7-      Transfer & erection of pipes & valves from the organization stores.
           §Electrical works :
1-      Supply , erection & operation of a main low-tension distribution switch board.
2-      Supply , erection of an earthing system.

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